Battery Bp 400 Adv

The Adv Bp 400 battery impresses with 50-volt technology and 200 Wh of power reserves. Suitable for the battery-powered machines in the Kärcher Park & City Solutions range (leaf blowers, chainsaws).

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With a capacity of 200 Wh, the Bp 400 Adv battery impresses across the board and ensures long use times for leaf blowers and chainsaws from battery-powered machines in the Kärcher Park & City Solutions range. Its innovative 50-volt technology means that the machines can be used in the same way as their petrol-powered counterparts, but without any emissions of harmful substances and with considerably less noise. The battery can be charged quickly or replaced, and of course is equally suitable for all battery-powered Kärcher machines. Furthermore, the remaining use time can be checked at any time with a glance at the charge level indicator. By eliminating the need for petrol, our battery technology also results in considerably reduced operating costs over the service life of the machine, as well as noticeably reduced maintenance effort.

Features and benefits

Compact dimensions and low weight

  • Easy use and quick replacement of the batteries.

Easy-to-read charge level indicator

  • Remaining run time can be checked at any time.

Full compatibility with all Kärcher Park & City Solutions machines

  • One-time investment enables many application possibilities.

No emissions of harmful substances or CO2

  • Environmentally friendly and user-friendly. No petrol smells during work.

Up to 50% quieter than petrol-powered machines

  • Enables use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential areas, near schools and at night.

Significantly lower vibration compared to petrol-powered machines

  • Long, fatigue-free operation enables longer work intervals.

Up to 90% lower overall costs compared to petrol-powered machines

  • Highly economical, since there are no petrol costs and maintenance costs are low.

Up to 50% faster charging times compared with standard devices thanks to 50-volt technology

  • Greater efficiency thanks to fewer idle times.


Technical data

  • Battery voltage (V) – 50
  • Amount of energy – 200
  • Battery charging time (min.) – 30
  • Battery life with LB 850 Bp (min.) – max. 120
  • Battery life with CS 330 Bp (cuts) – max. 216
  • Weight (kg) – 2.2
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) – 195 x 160 x 90

Compatible products

Leaf Blower LB 850Bp    Chain Saw CS 330Bp