KB5 Cordless Sweeper


The Kärcher KB 5 cordless sweeper picks up dirt, debris, pet hair and crumbs in seconds then stores away neatly until you next need it. It’s simple to use and easy to empty.


Most homes need an everyday once-over, just to pick up crumbs or pet hair, or dirt walked in from outside. Getting the vacuum cleaner out every time can be a lot of effort, but that’s where the Kärcher KB 5 Cordless Sweeper comes in. It’s an innovative battery powered electric sweeper that picks up everyday dirt in seconds, then stores away neatly in a closet or a corner until you next need it. The rotating brush delivers outstanding performance for such a compact and simple design, and cleans right to the edge on both hard floors and carpets. You’ll find the Kärcher KB 5 Cordless Sweeper a pleasure to use from the moment you start – there are no buttons to press, simply tilt the handle and it starts automatically, then steers effortlessly around furniture. It’s easy to empty and gives you 30 minutes of cleaning power before it needs to be charged. The electric cordless sweeper comes with a two year guarantee.

Features and Benefits

Kärcher Adaptive Cleaning System – Reliably removes dirt on all floor surfaces. Innovative adjustable sweeping edge for optimal dirt pick-up. Improved interior geometry with optimal dirt conduction for reliable dirt removal.


Cordless electric broom KB 5: Dirt receptacle is easy to remove and refit again

Dirt receptacle is easy to remove and refit again – Quick and easy emptying without coming into contact with dirt.



Cordless electric broom KB 5: Flexible double joint

Flexible double joint – The handle can be moved effortlessly in all directions. Easy to manoeuvre. Including between furniture and chairs.



  • Automatic on/off switch – Easy to switch on and off.  Fast and intuitive.  No need to bend down.
  • Universal brush – For optimum dirt pick-up both on hard floors and carpets.  Allows easy removal of hair.  Also allows sweeping close to edges.
  • Universal brush is easy to remove and replace – Quick and easy with one hand. Facilitates cleaning of the universal brush.
  • Lithium-ion battery technology – With a battery running time of up to 30 minutes on hard floors. Without memory effect.  Always ready to use.
  • Space-saving storage –  For simple, space-saving storage, even in small cupboards. Cordless electric broom can be kept wherever it is needed.
  • Parking position – Device can be comfortably set down for brief pauses.
  • Lightweight – Easy to transport and manoeuvre.

Technical Data

  • Working width of universal brush (mm) – 210
  • Container capacity (ml) – 370
  • Battery voltage (V) – 3.7
  • Battery running time on hard floors (min.) – 30
  • Battery running time on carpets (min.) – 20
  • Battery technology – lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
  • Current type (V/Hz) – 100 / 240 / 50 / 60
  • Weight including battery (kg) – 1.17
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) – 215 / 230 / 1120


  • Universal brush, removable
  • Battery charger
  • Hard floors
  • Carpets
  • Under furniture
  • Stairs