Karcher CV 66/2 Upright Vacuum


Karcher’s new CV 66/2 is a wide area vacuum cleaner designed for daily and deep cleaning of mid to large carpeted areas.

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With two counter-rotating roller brushes for efficient dirt pick up and a floating brush deck for maximum carpet contact on uneven floors, the CV 66/2 is fast and thorough and capable of cleaning up to 1000m2 per hour. It is easy to operate and manoeuvre, with simple switches and an adjustable folding handle for easy storage. The machine has a 660mm working width and two powerful vacuum motors.


  • 660mm Working width
  • 2x56l/s Air flow rate
  • 143/14.3Mbar/KPa Vacuum
  • 35 lcontainer capacity
  • 1650w Motor rating
  • 1000m2/h performance
  • 20m Power cable
  • 73dB/A Operating noise
  • 72kg weight
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1270 x 770 x 1120mm

Standard Accessories:

  • Top roller brush
  • Bottom roller brush
  • Paper filter bag