DB 145 Full Control Dirt Blaster for K4 – K5


DB 145 Dirt Blaster for power washers in the K4 – K5 range. This spray lance is suitable for use on particularly stubborn dirt like mossy pavements or house walls.

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The DB 145 dirt blaster for all Kärcher pressure washers in classes K4 and K5 removes even the toughest of dirt with ease. The rotating point jet gives you a large cleaning surface, which means you get done faster. Perfect for use on paving, patios, concrete and house walls.


Rotating point jet – Effectively removes stubborn dirt on sensitive surfaces.

Powerful cleaning with high pressure – Effectively removes stubborn dirt.

Bayonet connection – Easy to use.


Technical Data

Weight (kg) – 0.2

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) – 450 x 41 x 41


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