Battery charger BC Adv, 220-240V

Thanks to the innovative 50-volt technology, the BC Adv quick charger charges Kärcher batteries extremely quickly and gently. For a long battery use time and service life.

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Thanks to the innovative 50-volt technology from Kärcher, the BC Adv quick charger charges batteries for machines from the Kärcher Park & City Solutions range up to 50% faster than standard devices. Full control of the charging progress is made possible by the charge level indicator on the compact and light charger.

Features and benefits

Compact dimensions and low weight

  • Easy use and quick replacement of the batteries.

Easy-to-read charge level indicator

  • Charging progress can be checked at any time.

Up to 50% faster charging times compared with standard devices thanks to 50-volt technology

  • Increased efficiency thanks to extremely short charging times.


Technical data

  • Output power (A) – max. 8
  • Power (W) – 550
  • Charging time Bp 200 (min.) – 25
  • Charging time Bp 400 (min.) – 30
  • Charging time Bp 800 (min.) – 60
  • Weight (kg) – 2.1
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 210 x 160 x 275

Compatible Machines

Leaf Blower LB 850   Chain Saw CS 330

Application Areas

  • Suitable for Karcher Bp 200 Adv Battery
  • Suitable for Karcher Bp 400 Adv Battery
  • Suitable for Karcher Bp 800 Adv Battery




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