Karcher BRC 50/70 W Battery Powered Spray Extraction Machine

The BRC 50/70 W offers high performance deep and interim cleaning for large carpet areas. With 36v, maintenance-free gel batteries, the 50/70 can operate for several hours at a time, making light work of large areas of carpet.

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Product Description

As well as giving superb deep cleaning results in a single pass, the 45/45 can be used for interim two-stage cleaning, providing fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, with very short drying times. Using Karcher’s iCapsol detergent, medium-large area carpets can be cleaned and ready for vacuuming within 20 minutes.

Features & Benefits:

  • iCapsol interim cleaning process.
  • Twin chemical tanks with DOSE system for quick change.
  • Duel 50cm contra rotating brushes.
  • Floating brush system provides consistent brush contact.
  • Fast changing of brushes without tools.
  • Float switch in the wastewater protects vacuum motor.
  • Water stops as soon as the accelerator is released.
  • Battery driven, ideal for large areas.
  • Floor and hand tool available for spot cleaning and upholstery cleaning.


  • Power supply (V/Ah): 36 / 105
  • Max. Practical. Performance (m/h): 750 / 1300
  • Working width (mm): 508
  • Suction width (mm): 610
  • Brush rotation speed (front/rear) (rpm): 1130
  • Tank capacity, dirty/clean (l): 73 / 66
  • Weight (without batteries) (kg): 172
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1372 x 686 x 1090

Standard Accessories:

  • Standard brush (8.623-068)
  • Adapter for hand tool (8.631-030)



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